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Evaluate the environmental footprint of your menus from end to end

Up to 90% of your emissions come from Scope 3. Our platform helps you calculate them simply.

Calculate your Scope 3 emissions to help you set reduction targets

Carry out a comprehensive, global assessment of your organization's environmental impact and develop credible targets in line with the latest SBTi criteria and recommendations.

Communicate the environmental footprint of your menus in RFPs

Calculate the environmental footprint of thousands of recipes and use it as a competitive advantage in tenders.

Involve your suppliers in your climate strategy

Evaluate your suppliers and gain visibility over your supply chain to reduce your Scope 3 impact.

~10,000 private label products assessed for a leading food retailer in Europe


A prominent retailer with a strong European presence, boasting 800+ stores in France alone, sought to enhance their Scope 3 emissions estimate by assessing the environmental footprint of their extensive product portfolio. The client recognized the pressing need to identify and mitigate emissions from their product offerings. They understood that their responsibility extended beyond their direct operations and included the emissions associated with their supply chain and product lifecycle. To address this complex challenge, they turned to Carbon Maps.

Solution provided:

Carbon Maps embarked on a comprehensive project that spanned just over 5 months and involved a dedicated team of six experts from both the client's Purchasing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business units. The project was aimed at evaluating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impact of ~10,000 private label products and more than 250 product categories. Additionally, Carbon Maps analyzed the GHG footprint of over 700 suppliers within the client's network.


Based on data gathered and calculations made on the platform, Carbon Maps identified a potential 30% reduction in emissions within the client’s most emissive product categories. Furthermore, a significant milestone was reached when Carbon Maps collaborated with the client's suppliers to develop specific emissions factors for their dairy products.

Through Carbon Maps’ expertise and the power of their platform, we uncovered a significant 30% reduction opportunity in our most emissions-intensive product categories. This achievement underscores the impact of precise data analysis and collaboration with our suppliers.


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